Mathias Weber
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Selected works from the
period: 2013 -2019

Peon Chair

Year -

Materials -
Ash wood

Treatment -

Production -
Self Initiated

Dimensions -
H. 75 x W. 47 x D. 40 cm

Available through inquiry -

’Peon Chair’ is a stackable wooden chair offering seating comfort in a geometrical design through its combination of a three-legged base and a rectangular backrest.

The chair is designed to be stacked and three chairs can be placed over each other.

Constant care is exercised with regards to the direction of the grain when selecting and working with the wood. In order to ensure as uniform an expression as possible, the wood is rift sawn. In this way a calmness in the design of the chair is achieved, so it appears as an undisturbed form both isolated and in repetition – stacked or in use.

The carving in the solid backrest is adjusted to leave the least possible indentation and give a comfortable support for your back. This detail distinguishes the chair from the crowd with regards to the usual carved backrest.

The first copies of the chair are made from pine wood (Kalmar) and were presented at the Copenhagen based design gallery, Etage Projects. In the second edition of the chair, the wood used is from ash trees. Ash was chosen for several reasons: partly because it is a denser wood, giving a more durable experience and also because its grain pattern resembles pine. Both pine and ash wood has he desirable quality of becoming golden over time.